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The mission of KnowledgeLake is clear and simple: “To enable our customers to realize their full potential by serving them with new and innovative document technologies”
KnowledgeLake is a three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner and is recognized as the founder of the SharePoint document imaging marketplace. With an industry leading R&D team assembled specifically to focus on the latest Microsoft development platforms and teams of ECM industry veterans who have decades of experience architecting, selling and implementing ECM products and solutions, KnowledgeLake enables its customers to maximize and extend their already sound investments in proven Microsoft technologies.

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The employees at KnowledgeLake help each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn from each other, challenge each other and respect each other. The team spirit and sense of togetherness is inspiring and quite contagious as it exists across all departments. KnowledgeLake’s leadership team has created an adaptive culture that is successfully aligned to their business goals and is exemplary in its values.

Lauren Pesko
Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager - KnowledgeLake